Our Services


The scope of services provided by the firm entails the following:-

(A) Conveyancing which includes but not limited to:
• Conventional transfers
• Sectional title transfers
• Opening of sectional title register
• Mortgage both registrations and cancellations
• Deceased estate transfers and endorsement transfers
• Registration of substituted titles

(B) Eviction orders

(C) Drafting of contracts

(D) Provision of civil and commercial litigation services as may be required for clients to conduct their businesses effectively.

(E) Bond foreclosures and/ or corporate debt recovery.

(F) Labour law-including but not limited to chairing disciplinary hearings, training staff on labour issues, prosecuting on behalf of employers and if necessary representing the employers and employees.

(G) Administration of the deceased estates

(H) We also chair meetings of any nature as presiding officers.

(I) Criminal litigation.

(J) Third party claims Road Accident Fund.

Practitioner Resume

Mr WS Zungu holds a B Juris and LLB degrees from the University of Zululand. He has attended a Conveyancing Practice Course..

He has experience in conveyancing, including but not limited bond foreclosure and/ or corporate debt recovery. He also has experience in both civil and commercial litigation emanating from a wide range of circumstances.